Atlantic Dawn Seafoods AS isa pelagic freezing factory based in Smøla in Møre og Romsdal and has approx. 30 employees. The business isa subsidiary ofThe Atlantic Dawn Group ba sed in lreland. This is a successful pelagic fishing and freezing company that is established over 50 years.

General Manager

Atlantic Dawn Seafoods AS

We are inviting applications for the position of General Manager of aur pelagic freezing facto ry. The successful candidate will have previous experience in a related industry. They will be responsible for the control of all functions of the business and the efficient management of the production process. The new General Manager must integrate into, maintain and where possible enhance a very successful business unit. The support of the pa rent company will be provided to ensure that the new Manager is introduced in an efficient and effective manner. It will be important for the new Manager to both build and maintain relationships with employees, suppliers and customers of the company. This is an exciting and interesting opportunity for candidates that have suitable experience and can offer energy and enthusiasm for this role.

A competitive remuneration package will be offered based on the experience and qualifications of the successful candidate.

Contact: Karl Mc Hugh (CEO}, tlf.: +353749731644, e-mail: for further information.

Applications no later than 29.06.2018

Søknadsfrist: 29.06.2018

Kontaktperson: Karl Mc Hugh
Telefon: +353749731644

Søknad med CV sendes til:
General Manager29.06.2018


Polar Quality søker Salgssjef24.06.2018


Tekniske ledere01.07.2018


Sandbrogaten 5 - 7
5003 Bergen
Org nr 911 650 924
55 21 33 00
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